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Oct 1, 2018

Elegant bathroom with a glass shower and large bath tub

The American Decorating Center

The American Decorating Center is serving the people of Northern Virginia, especially from the last 33 years. We provide the best quality products together with the most affordable prices. We aim to provide our customers with wonderful modern and innovative improvements along with a touch of traditional designs that can make your projects dreams come true. It is legit to say that every American dream comes true at the American Decorating Center, so no more daydreaming and turn your dreams of a beautiful house into reality.   With our family owned business and knowledgeable staff it will allow you to feel confident that American Decorating Center is the best choice in the Area.  Our top-rated   Professional team will give you the confidence that we call make your project easy and cost effective.

The services we offer at the American Decorating Center

At the American Decorating Center, we have got everything covered for your home from start to finish, starting from painting the walls to installing complete kitchen and bathrooms. The bathroom packages start at only $5999, which is 40% less than most contractors?

  • Home Service-Windows-Painting-Drywall

Windows:  Our energy efficient top quality Earth wise windows, sliding doors, french doors and more are top quality and have the Better Homes Seal of approval.  With our top quality products and professional installation  you may realize when comparing products and services with our quality products you get much more for your money.  Realize these award winning windows will offer you the safety and comfort that will save on your energy bills for a life time.

Painting and Drywall: No renovation is complete without the painting of walls, right? We offer a wide range of color schemes and patterns from which you can easily choose. Our interior decorator will fully help you out in selecting the color schemes and hues, which will give your room and home an entirely new and fresh look. We use the best quality paints, which will have a lasting value.

  • Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen is a place where your most of the time is spent; therefore, it is important to bring some changes in order to enhance the atmosphere. The American Decorating Center provides the best kitchen cabinets for sale, not only best in quality but also best and affordable in prices. Our kitchen package starts from as low as $12999 and you will find our package prices will save you time and money from start to finish.  With our company we are a licensed General Contractor that will give you the trust, comfort and assurance that you will get the job job done right from start to finish.  Our track record speaks for itself we typically turn most kitchens around in 2-3 weeks (some major renovations can run from 2-6 weeks).

We work at all levels to deliver the kitchen remodeling on time and with in budget.  The more you plan the more you will have the job done right from the start.  As a professional and licensed Class A General Contractor for Virginia you can be assured that we will make your job cost effective.

Bath Remodeling

Bath Remodeling:  With our professional team we make bathrooms dreams come true.From the choices you pick to the finishing touches we guide you thru and plan the bath that will be the envy of the neighborhood.  Perhaps you can rest assured knowing with our General Contractors License and top quality installers you will have a bathroom that will be professional done.  More important with our package prices on baths you can save up to 40% for a complete bath remodel compared to other general contractors.  With our showroom and staff we guide thru the choices that will make your bath project easy from start to finish. Most baths typically take 2 weeks but some can be as much as 6 weeks with major plumbing and electrical changes

  • Carpet, Ceramic, Vinyl, Hardwood, laminate and more

We have the best flooring to offer our customers. Our flooring types include carpet, hardwood flooring, ceramic flooring, laminate and vinyl flooring.  with the best quality flooring for your needs.

Carpets: we have 100’s of styles and colors that allow you to have the durability, style and selection that will give you the comfort of finding the right product for your home. Plus we have a professional  installation team that will make any flooring look amazing.  Many of our carpets on on sale starting as low as $2.19s/f

Ceramic Tiles:  We have 1000’s of ceramics that are offered at economical prices yet we have the most up to date colors and styles that will have your remodeling last decades to come.  With any tile perhaps the installation can be the most important part of your dream project.  With our professional installers you can trust the project will be done with top standards and with high standards.

Wood floors and Laminates:  The best asset to any home is with hardwood or laminate floors.  Wood floors have the durability that will last many decades.  At American Decorating Center we have 100’s of woods and laminates that can fit almost any budget.  As our design team makes the process easy in picking  the right wood flooring product for your room environment.  With our top quality installation teams you can rest assured the job will be done right from start to finish.

Vinyl: Vinyl Flooring, sheet vinyl and tiles and come along way the last few years.  It offers amazing possibilities for a floor that can look life like ceramic, hardwood or many modern patterns that will  pleasantly surprise you.  As we offer many choices realize the most important part of any vinyl flooring is having professional installers and at American Decorating Center we have top installers that are craftsman with our products.

Why choose the American Decorating Center?

We are sure of the fact that you must have come across many businesses and decorating companies, which are also claiming to provide the best quality products. Therefore, we ask our interested customers to come and pay a visit to our showroom, so that they can see for themselves. The tour will be worth your time as it will include an hour of in-store design consultation and another hour of in-home layout and planning. Moreover, we take immense pride in decorating our customer’s home as if we are decorating our own living place. We have the amazing professional team, which will  work in your home at the time of remodeling, but also answer your questions and will give you the comfort that you have the best team for your project.  You can take comfort knowing you are always informed as we stay in touch with you over the phone, email, text or what ever way you prefer to communicate. Perhaps you can appreciate we offer our customers with baths and kitchens. Realize with our Kitchen remodeling and  bath remodeling  you can have the beautiful home you deserve.  As a general contractor it allows you the comfort and confidence that American Decorating Center is the best choice. With our showroom you can appreciate we always answer our phone Mon – Sat 10-6 which allows you direct access to everyone from the owner to the design team.  Our staff allows you the easiest and most economical way of achieving the dream kitchen, bath, flooring or home service you desire.


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