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Area Served

At American Decorating Center, we don’t just dream up stunning renovations – we make them a reality for homeowners throughout our extensive areas served! Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is passionate about crafting personalized solutions that perfectly match your vision and needs.

Transforming Homes Across Northern Virginia!

We proudly serve a wide area, including:


Get ready, Ashburn! American Decorating Center is excited to extend our expertise and passion for creating dream homes to your vibrant and growing community. We’re now proudly serving all seven Ashburn zip codes: 20147, 20148, 20160, 20161, 20162, 20170, and 20171 as part of our areas served.


Leesburg, nestled at the heart of Loudoun County, whispers tales of the past with its captivating downtown and rich historical tapestry. And American Decorating Center is honored to be part of this vibrant story! We proudly expand our areas served to all six Leesburg zip codes: 20105, 20141, 20151, 20175, 20176, and 20177.


Nestled amidst the captivating Blue Ridge Mountains, Purcellville holds a special place in our hearts at American Decorating Center. For years, we’ve proudly served this charming community, crafting stunning spaces that contribute to its unique character. And now, we’re expanding our commitment even further, reaching across all three Purcellville zip codes: 20132, 20134, and 20160.


Reston, a vibrant tapestry of planned communities and diverse neighborhoods, resonates with innovation and character. And American Decorating Center is excited to join this dynamic story, expanding our areas served to all 10 Reston zip codes: 20190, 20191, 20194, 20195, 20196, 22096, 20166, 20167, 20163, and 20164.


Herndon’s charm whispers from its historic streets and graceful architecture. At American Decorating Center, we recognize this unique character and are thrilled to expand our areas served to all five Herndon zip codes: 20170, 20171, 20192, 20172, and 22095. We’re dedicated to preserving the town’s beauty while injecting a touch of modern magic into your home.


Sterling’s vibrant tapestry, weaving together homes, businesses, and industry, pulsates with possibility. And American Decorating Center is thrilled to join the mix, extending our services across all five Sterling zip codes: 20163, 20164, 20165, 20166, and 20167.
At American Decorating Center, we understand that each community we serve tells a unique story. From the charming brick facades of Leesburg to the sleek modern living spaces of Reston, every area reflects its own distinct character and challenges. And that’s where we come in.

We go above and beyond cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we tailor our flooring and remodeling expertise to the specific needs of each client, meticulously blending historical preservation with modern flair, as the project demands. Our skilled and experienced professionals are dedicated to exceeding expectations.

Whether you reside in one of the vibrant communities we’ve highlighted or call a nearby corner of Northern Virginia your home, we invite you to reach out. We’d love to chat about your vision and explore how our comprehensive range of flooring and remodeling services can enhance and protect your property. Together, let’s transform your space into a reflection of your unique story, one beautiful detail at a time.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’re eager to collaborate and make your renovation dreams a reality, wherever your chapter unfolds in Northern Virginia.

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