5 important remodeling facts when you are planning a kitchen or Bath by American Decorating Center team

Jan 28, 2020 | 0 comments

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Below we will explore 5 tips for beginning your journey of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Consider these as a starting point on your journey to the perfect remodel.

Create A realistic Budget

Forget crunching numbers alone. Our team help you tailor a budget perfectly suited to your dream kitchen or bathroom vision. No more estimating countertops or sweating over cabinetry costs – we’ll break it down, step-by-step.


    • Granite countertops within reach? Unexpected savings on flooring freeing up extra cash for top-tier appliances? We show you how!
    • Peace of mind: Knowing exactly where your money goes means no surprise expenses down the line.


Plan for the challenges, both expected and unexpected.

Kitchen or bath remodels? Brace for hidden challenges! Ripping out cabinets might unearth outdated walls or wiring needing an upgrade. New sinks? Expect plumbing tweaks (like valves or connections) that add to the bill. Play it safe and pad your budget for these sneaky costs! Remember, surprises happen, but a prepared budget makes them a breeze.

Plan the Layout with Pros and Cons

When planning your kitchen – once you have your budget in place – is whether or not you plan on changing the layout of your kitchen. You may find that your current kitchen does not work well with your family’s needs. For instance, maybe you could benefit from a kitchen island or breakfast bar, or a built-in workspace for homework or school projects. Creating a list of pros and cons about your current layout could help you determine if you need to consider other options. The most common types of kitchen layouts include an L-shaped layout, a galley kitchen, and a U-shaped layout. Once the layout is determined, you can begin choosing other elements of the kitchen.

The Decision Making

The next step you need to take – even before starting – is making the big decisions. This means you need to figure out what type of countertops you want, such as granite countertops. You will also need to make decisions on cabinetry, flooring, backsplashes, and appliances. Make sure you have all the measurements you need prior to shopping for anything. You need to know how much space you have for the appliances you choose, and how much granite countertop you are going to need. It is recommended that you have a professional company take these measurements, so that you know there will be no mistakes on your part. This could help you reduce the likelihood that you experience any unexpected costs from this point of view.

Don’t Leave Out the Details

Skip planning headaches, save time (and money!)

Here’s how:

    • Lock in your vision: Choose colors, countertops, backsplash – everything! Delays due to indecision are budget busters.
    • Sweat the small stuff: Hardware, grout, even lighting – it all adds up. Planning upfront avoids scrambling (and extra costs) later.
    • Talk to the pros: Designers and contractors help catch overlooked details, ensuring your dream kitchen arrives faster than springtime blooms.

Choose Your Contractor Wisely

When deciding to tackle a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom we always recommend hiring a reputable contractor. Although there is a time and a place for a DYI remodel having the experience of a team of seasoned professionals beside you can make the difference of coming in on budget as well as having the lind of quality results you desire. There are plenty of great contractors in the Sterling VA area American Decorating Center can easily be on your short list. Paying attention to what kind of feedback existing customers provide about their experiences can be one of the better ways to help make this decision. Feel free to view some of American Decrating Centers testimonials to get a feel for why our customers have trusted our work for many years.


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